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One of the primary benefits of regular inspection and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems is appliance reliability. To ensure optimal performance of the HVAC system, it is crucial to replace the faulty parts. If the heating and cooling equipment are not maintained and tuned on a regular basis, it can leap to operational delay and costly repairs. Not only does the neglected HVAC system functions poorly, but it can drastically hamper your daily life. Timely maintenance and repair can improve the longevity of the appliances. The HVAC system should be fully inspected by experienced technicians with adept expertise in the field of equipment repair/installation services. Whether the heating and cooling appliances are installed in a commercial building, industrial site or residential complex, reputable service providers can provide on-site inspection and repair services.


  • Quick Response Time
  • Fair Pricing
  • Installation by Experienced Technician
  • Efficient System
  • Affordable AC Units Available
  • 2 Ton AC for only $3000
  • Installation by Experienced Technician
  • We Repair old AC and Refrigerator
  • Hot Water Tank
  • Deal with all Major Brands
  • Same day Installation
  • Repairs all brands

Our Plans


* Honeywell series furnace $350
* General air series furnace $400
* Furnace installation starting at $3500
* Furnace tune UP at $120
* Furnace repair starting at $60

Air Conditioning

* 2 Ton AC installation at $3000
* We install all kind of AC
* Refrigerant refill at $150

Hot Water Tank

* Bradford white/john wood 40 gallon $850
* Bradford white/john wood 50 gallon $1100

AC Installation

*2 Ton AC installation start with $3000
*150 for refrigerant charge


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Repair and Installation as you want

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Home Comfort

Home Comfort

Keep Your Family Comfortable and Happy

During The Hot Florida Summer Months

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Importance of hiring trustable HVAC installation/repair contractor:

Professional installation and maintenance of the HVAC system ensures that everything is hooked up accurately and there is minimal risk of device malfunctioning. Over time, regular maintenance like duct cleaning, changing filters and replacement of faulty parts can eventually extend the life span of the heating and cooling system. P&B Faster Heating is a Calgary based service provider to offer professional and quick air conditioner, furnace, humidifier and hot water tank repair and replacement services. Their emergency services are available round the clock, so that the adept technicians can can respond to emergency situations that might be risky to people having to endure high temperatures and poor air quality.

The experts at P&B Faster Heating believe that every house should have a safe and comfortable environment. If any of the member is afflicted with certain medical condition, air quality is an important factor that should be taken into consideration. With regular maintenance of your air conditioner, it can help to restore a healthy environmental surrounding to your home so that inmates could live comfortably. In addition to air conditioning repair, the company also provides installation and maintenance of heating systems like furnaces and hot water rank that will optimize your energy usage. Their widest range of service include heating and air conditioning repair, cleaning, replacement of faulty parts, installation of new systems and 24/7 emergency services.

When it comes to heating and cooling repair and maintenance services, P&B Faster Heating has got a unique team with vast knowledge, great expertise and broad experience to provide efficient solutions to the customers. Some of the crucial parts of the air conditioning units need to be regularly inspected and maintained for enhanced device performance. Failure to do such maintenance can degrade operational efficiency and lead to major repairs of the devices. Some of the important parts f the air conditioning units that are regularly maintained by the experts are filters, coils, and fins. Each of these parts are checked, cleaned and replaced when needed. The heating and air conditioning repair service of P&B Faster Heating can take care of the maintenance aspects, by performing a yearly service check. The company ensures that all the parts are functioning properly.