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At P&B Faster Heating, we dedicate our self to serving our clients with a full range of commercial refrigeration services including repairs and installation. When you own a business that needs to keep food or other products cold on a large scale (think restaurant kitchens or walk-in liquor store coolers), your freezers and coolers are your valuable investments, and you expect them to work well. For reliable performance, make sure you have your walk-in refrigerated units installed and serviced by our certified professionals. We offer guaranteed satisfactory workmanship and are proud of the quality we provide. We build relationships with our customers and watch them succeed. Call us today, and talk with one of our knowledgeable commercial refrigeration technicians to learn more about the services we provide.

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The need of freezer/Cooler repair and maintenance services

Working in food service, you would be well aware of the significance of reliable refrigeration to your business. Commercial refrigeration is one of the necessities of any restaurant operation. We offer superior maintenance and repair services to restaurants, hotels, bakeries, catering companies and more, so that the food you serve stays chilled, fresh and succulent whole day long.

Your commercial walk-in freezer is a valuable asset which protects thousands of dollars in inventory, storing food safely for your customers. An efficient freezer is the basic necessity of any restaurant, hotel, or any food serving outlet. While proper care and maintenance are essential, you should also move quickly to schedule repairs if you notice that something isn’t right. The longer you wait, the worse it will get.

Breakdowns could dig deep holes in your pocket and cost you thousands in terms of lost business and expensive replacements. Make sure you call P&B Faster Heating at the first sign of a problem. We deliver dependable service on your schedule to ensure minimal disruptions, and we even pair our repair parts and labuor with a one-year guarantee. We also offer transparent upfront, flat-rate pricing with no overtime charges – no hidden fees!

Common Issues Seen in Commercial Walk-In Freezers

Consistent functioning of the motor

If the motor of a walk-in runs constantly, this indicates a possible refrigerant leak or a leak elsewhere that is allowing the escape of cooled air.

Ice build-up in the freezer

Ice buildup in the air vent or evaporator coils connotes an underlying problem and the need for professional maintenance.

Ice in the drain pan

A clogged drain line or defective heater can cause ice to accumulate in the drain pan. This issue needs to be taken care of by a certified professional.

Lack of power

A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse may be the cause of our power outage. There could also be wiring issues or a storage room control board in need of attention.

The temperature too high

A walk-in overloaded with product, excessive opening of the door, or frost buildup on the evaporator can cause the temperature of a walk-in to be too high.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

  • Walk–In Cooler Services

    Having a good walk-in cooler for your restaurant or kitchen is critical to your success. If your cooler isn’t keeping your food fresh, then the trouble is already knocking on your door. Call P&B Faster Heating for any walk in cooler repairs or installation and enjoy a complete peace of mind.

  • Wine Refrigerator Services

    Keeping the wine at your restaurant at the appropriate temperature is a great way to ensure the loyalty of your customers. For any commercial wine refrigerator services, including wine refrigerator repairs, call P&B Faster Heating.

  • Commercial Freezer Services

    Keeping a commercial freezer working efficiently is a huge priority for your kitchen. Make sure that you call us to get quality commercial freezer repair and installation.

  • Commercial Beer Cooler Services

    Serving warm beer isn’t a trend and you can’t be a trend setter here. Call us if your beer cooler is giving you a hard time. We also offer large scale cooler installation for all types and brands of systems.

  • Walk–In Freezer Services

    P&B Faster Heating is proud to provide complete walk in freezer repair and walk–in freezer installation. Call us anytime you detect any problem.

  • Commercial Refrigerator Repair

    If you need commercial refrigerator repair, call P&B Faster Heating. Our expert technicians can fix any type or brand of commercial refrigerator, which means you don’t have to wander around.


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